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Harcourt is a small town with a great deal to offer. The town is set in a lush valley at the foot of Mount Alexander which contains stunning views and significant Aboriginal heritage sites. Harcourt is surrounded by extensive fruit orchards and vineyards and the area has a well-deserved reputation for producing outstanding wine and cider.

Harcourt is located on the Goldfields Track, stretching from Ballarat to Bendigo, via Daylesford and Castlemaine. It is an ideal destination for cyclists and bushwalkers, and features hundreds of kilometres of walking and biking tracks. Now home to the world-class La Larr Ba Gauwa mountain bike park, cyclists will be in seventh heaven.

Local eateries include the Harcourt Produce Store, the Goldfields Track Café and Skydancers Café and Nursery, and light lunches are available in several local wineries. Wine lovers are truly spoilt for choice with a dozen local wineries located in picturesque settings. Nearby Castlemaine is also an epicurean destination with acclaimed restaurants and cafés and a vibrant live music scene. It's also home to the Shedshaker Brewery and Taproom, the other business of your hosts at the Scout Hall!

Situated adjacent to the Calder Freeway, Harcourt is an easy and scenic 120 kms from Melbourne and a short 25 minute drive to Bendigo. Harcourt is only 9km from the arts centre of Castlemaine and nopt far to the significant heritage township of Maldon. A regular V-line service runs from Melbourne to Castlemaine (Bendigo line) and a public bus connects Harcourt to Castlemaine with 3 services weekdays. The bus stops at our door!